Down Boy Studio

Creative Strategy

[Highlighted Project: Brand Launch Visual Campaign]

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As a makeup-enthusiast and incessent obsessor of what's to become of the environment; I decided to put both my passion and fear together to birth Down Boy Studio.

Down Boy Studio - Billie

Down Boy is colours for creatives. We are a genderless makeup brand that appeals to generalist creatives-- the thinkers and feelers of our generation. With too many polished and perfect, mass produced makeup brands, (which by the way, are run by old white men), Down Boy creates space for something new. Down Boy is for men and women who put their lip gloss on their lids and wear their pimples loud and proud.

Down Boy Studio Makeup

We stand for social good. Our packaging is made from plastics that were scheduled for the landfill until we intervened. We've linked up with women in Indonesia to produce our packaging by hand. This both creates job opportunities for talented women and gives plastics a second life.

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